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Food is a pleasure principle.  The act of eating satisfies a need (hunger) which is all it takes to be considered a pleasure, but let’s talk about the act of sharing a meal and all that goes into the experience.

The experience of sharing food and having meals has always been a part of the human story.  From the early days of making mud pies as children to prepping for holiday meals to planning and cherishing the reception at a wedding.  Food brings people together.  And when people come together, memories are made.

The connection that food can foster promotes bonding and boosts endorphins.  Sharing food with family, friends and even strangers is a timeless tradition that enriches our lives in countless ways.  The attention to detail that Jonz Catering takes in our approach to any job, whether it is a 700 person gala, or a 10 person business lunch, will remind you that connections made over food are impactful in ways that are indescribable.  We’re social beings at our cores, and throughout history, the act of eating together has served as a beautiful community experience. So while today it has become less common, communal eating remains deeply ingrained in our nature—a fundamental need that resonates more powerfully than ever.

Our western, individualized societies can benefit from sharing a meal more than anything.  Sharing food primes people to think about fairness, authority, and greed in ways that other scenarios don’t normally present.  Did everyone get enough?  Who is being served first?  Has everyone’s need been satisfied?  Meals lay the foundation for behavior, and a shift in behavior can impact society.  Meals create a micro pro-social environment where all diners have the chance to experience a positive moment surrounded by new friends.  

As we continue to embrace this beautiful practice, let us remember the words of Cesar Chavez: “The people who give you their food give you their heart.” In sharing food, we share not only sustenance but also our deepest emotions, forging connections that transcend time and culture. When we break bread together, we celebrate the essence of our shared humanity.  The company culture of Jonz Catering thrives on connection and community, all of which bring us joy.  If food is the source of some of your fondest memories, let us help you create more!