The Best of Both Worlds: The Jonz Edition!

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17 years ago, Jonz Catering began.  It was the middle of a recession and plenty of friends and family told us we were crazy (maybe we were!).  This journey has been worth living and the friends we’ve made along the way have all been a part of it.  What a ride!  And it’s not even close to being done.

Many traditional couples tend to complain about the fact that they do not have enough time to spend with each other when they work apart. Sometimes they work different shifts; or maybe one travels and the other one doesn’t.  Once you factor in after school activities and other obligations for the family, the only time couples are left with is the weekend, which always seems to fly by instantly.  One “solution” to this issue is to do what we did…which is work together!

Working together as a spouse-owned and operated small business is a gift we didn’t know we were looking for.  Jonz Catering was born from the experience that we had as event attendees.  We noticed there was a lack of attention to the quality of food presented at many events, and there was a seemingly distinct difference in the service offered at events, as opposed to an “in-restaurant” experience.  We really wanted to change that!  We wanted the Jonz experience to leave attendees pleased with the food, the presentation, and the experience they had as guests.  Happy guests can lead to happy future clients!  

Literally marrying Linda’s creativity and attention to detail and David’s culinary talents allows the Dagleys to curate the best of both worlds in Jonz Catering.  Our product and your experience is something deeply personal, which is evident in the end result that we strive for.  We value our relationship and our tie to this community which we adore as much as our commitment to one another.  To us, our live-and-work-together relationship is the foundation of Jonz’ success.  

We’re grateful for the work we do and the people that become friends and family along the way.  If you’re already part of this story of ours, thank you!  If you’re looking for an experience that will surpass your expectations, reach out.  You won’t be disappointed!