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Meetings are a necessary part of every business.  Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, or a Fortune 500 company, meetings are a requirement and a chance to gather to bring ideas to life.  Depending on how they’re executed can evoke a feeling of dread or a feeling of excitement and anticipation.  This blog will discuss how food can shift the tone and experience in the right direction.

Long meetings and empty stomachs will impact productivity levels and you and your clients and team members will have a hard time concentrating if you are hungry. Worse yet is making a “lunch meeting” a bring-your-own and then having to battle through the sounds and smells of everyone’s brown bag experience.  One way to combat all of that is to host a catered meeting!  Here’s how catering can elevate the meeting experience to one that leaves people looking forward to meeting with you again.

Research shows us that there’s a direct coloration between happy employees, business productivity, and happy customers. Happy employees affect business success. By offering your employees well prepared and artfully presented catered food during company meetings, you are sending them the message that their hard work is valued and rewarded.

This will certainly benefit your business by making the people that run your organization every day feel that their work environment is one of hospitality, engagement and support.  When you work with Jonz Catering, you will get true personalized attention.  We make the catering process easy on you. It all starts with the type of experience you would like to create and your budget. We work with you to ensure that we balance the occasion you are curating, the experience you would like to create and the budget you have in mind. We balance all to deliver the best return on your time and money.  Whether you’re hosting a 500 person gala, or a 10 person lunch meeting, we know we can elevate that experience for you to come out ahead.  

With Jonz Catering, you will get a local business that understands the importance of combining quality and service.  Jonz’ background hails from hospitality and the drive to create an experience that is memorable, flavorful, and just what was needed.  While catering for a meeting might sound small scale, you’ll get the attention and the precaution needed to allow the food to be an asset, not a liability.  

Colleagues and clients alike will be delighted with all of our many tasty options. Whether it’s a lunch to fuel your team through a productive day or it’s the celebration of all that was accomplished this year, let Jònz be your partner through all of your successes.  Reach out today to ensure that 2024 is the best year it can be for you and your business.